For decades HOVEN HYDRAULIK has made it a main focus to ensure the productivity of our customers regarding their hydraulic systems, throughout all industries and applications. In order to reach this goal we provide intelligent constructions, employ high-quality materials and assure optimized and certified processes.

Naturally this approach primarily targets the requirements of the initial equipment of installations, machines, test benches and various other applications with high requirements regarding their hydraulic performance. Our hydraulic cylinders, power units and components are characterized by their longevity and sturdiness as well as by energetically optimized operation and proverbial reliability.

Ensuring productivity is becoming more and more an issue that needs to be methodically paid attention to over the whole life cycle of an installation or machine – and it is an issue that is increasingly broached. “High availability” is the term that defines this approach in a long-term context ending-up in an implicit task statement. A task we at HOVEN HYDRAULIK like to take on.


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Following this commitment we offer to support you in assuring the best possible availability and secure operation of your hydraulic systems. Especially by recommending and supplying medium- to long-term stock and exchange parts. We cannot predict the future, but we can assist you to be prepared for predictable exchange and likely repair scenarios. With our service offer we purposefully and competently support you to make a big step towards “Predictive maintenance“.

With the supply of high quality spare parts at short time of delivery thanks to first-class partners. With the expertise of the manufacturer to guarantee one hundred percent exchangeability and proper function – even for older components. And with the best counseling to provide you with a reasonable package for efficient stockage.

As a manufacturer of hydraulic components, we develop ourselves more and more as a competent supplier of spare parts and a service provider, too – in order to support your added value and to secure your economic success. Benefit from our reliability, experience our personal availability and high support level acting as a customer-oriented German SMB.

Create high availability for your installations. With HOVEN.